FeWo Berk welcomes you!

Good agreements make good friends, so a few short house rules:

- Smoking inside is not allowed. You will find an ashtray on the balconies and downstairs on the terrace. Please do not throw butts on the ground.

- Is the heating on? Then close the windows. Aren't you there? Then make sure all the lights are off.

- Towels are provided by us. White towels are for use in the bathroom, you can take the green ones outside/Presseggersee. If you want an extra set of towels, you can do so for € 3.50 per set.

- Washing machine / dryer are in the basement and can be used for € 5 / turn.

- Does something break or something break? Let us know as soon as possible and we can replace the damaged one. You get the bill and choose whether you want to recover it from the insurance company or not.

- Try to separate waste as much as possible. Behind the garage are the waste containers for plastic / metal, tetra bricks, glass, paper and residual waste. Behind the vegetable garden you will find the container for bio-waste.

- Check-out must be done before 10 am.

- Between 10 pm and 7 am we respect the rest of the other guests, our children and the neighbors.

- Deep frying in the apartment is not allowed.

Do you have questions? Reassure them.

We wish you a wonderful stay at FeWo Berk.